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Physical Therapy to Prevent Falls in the Elderly


Did you know that 1 in 3 adults over age 65 has a fall in a given year?’ Not only can falls cause serious injuries, but they can cause older adults to become less active due to fear of falling and this can affect their longĀ­term health. The fear of falling can also prevent older adults from being able to respond appropriately to prevent falls when they lose their balance. Balance can be affected by multiple factors including medications and health conditions as well as the person’s posture, strength deficits, gait deficits and balance disorders.

The therapists at Accelerate Physical Therapy can help older adults who are at risk for falls. We provide a full assessment of gait, balance, posture and strength and then develop a treatment plan based on the client’s individual needs. Therapeutic exercise to address balance deficiencies can be highly beneficial to increase the client’s confidence and ability to respond to balance challenges. Gait training can prevent falls by improving foot clearance and dynamic stability. Increasing strength and postural control allows the client to improve reactions and tolerance to regular activity.

Anoslipfallther aspect of fall prevention is discussing home safety habits. Our physical therapy evaluation will also include a. discussion of client’s home environment and their ability to perform daily activities safely. We will educate clients in fall prevention at home through good safety practices and the use of appropriate assistive devices.

Physical therapy is an excellent resource to prevent falls in any clients who have experienced falls or are reporting difficulty with their balance, and for those with chronic health conditions causing weakness or unsteady gait. We look forward to teaming up with our referring physicians to prevent falls in older adults, veterans and the actively challenged.