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Conditions We Commomly Treat

Soft Tissue Injuries A muscle, tendon or ligament tear bleeds and swells. Control swelling and recovery time. Use cold, compression, bandaging, heat and massage.. Clinical treatment with ultrasound and electrical stimulaiton will speed your healing and your return to normal activities. Athletic and Sports Related Injuries Athletes are treated to emphasize recovery time. Treatment and… Read More »

Physical Therapy: Treatment and Training

All of the following describe generally accepted, well established and widely used physical therapy procedures and modalities provided at Accelerate Physical Therapy. These procedures are used as primary or adjunctive techniques in soft tissue treatment for the progressive development of strength, mobility and to improve functional outcomes. Physical Therapy Procedures The level of complexity can… Read More »

The IF (Inflammation Factor) Rating™

Inflammation is part of your body’s response to nearly any type of physical injury. It’s one of the ways that your body protects itself, and begins its repair process. The IF (Inflammation Factor) Rating™ estimates the inflammatory or anti-inflammatory potential of individual foods or combinations of foods by calculating the net effect of different nutritional… Read More »

Key Professionals

Vast changes are occurring in the nation’s health care delivery system. The physical therapy profession has kept pace with rapid advances in science and technology to provide the most effective patient treatment possible. Physical Therapists help hundreds of thousands of individuals daily to: • restore health • improve function • alleviate pain

Conditions we commonly treat

Soft Tissue Injuries A muscle, tendon or ligament injury can bleed or swell, and effects your recovery time. Cold, compression, heat, massage and electrical methods will speed your healing and return to normal activities. Inflammatory Conditions Overuse causes tendon and ligament tissue to become irritated, causing pain in movement and at rest. Your independent treatment… Read More »

Are you drinking enough water?

Healthful self-hydration is very important to a fit lifestyle. Many times our patients suffer from muscular and spinal and joint pain, leg cramps and general malaise that could be an imbalance of fluids and electrolytes. We suggest drinking 2 glasses of water as soon as the discomfort begins. One should consume 1/2 oz. of pure… Read More »

Physical Therapy and Neck Pain

Physical therapy is a process of using knowledge of anatomy and physiology with exercises, soft tissue healing, posture and body mechanics and applying these principles of healing specific tissues following injury. Physical therapy conditions focuses on the spine and its joint structure including spinal segments, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Major goals of physical therapy with… Read More »

Target Tissue Training – Part Two: Functional Stress for Tensile Tissue

When a therapist approaches a patient’s rehab program, we must consider the severity of injury. We design our programs to appropriately stress the injured tissue. In treating tendons and ligaments, we consider the mechanics of injury, adaptation to activity, and healing response during rehabilitation. A  single high load strain, repetitive loading or misuse injuries can cause sprains, partial tears… Read More »