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Home Treatment for Bulging Discs

Accelerate Physical Therapy in Arvada, Colorado teaches you to relieve back and radiating leg pain. These exercises provide decompression of the lumbar spine, and are a great treatment for bulging discs.

Here are two great ways to relieve pain for which many face expensive medical treatments.  Save thousands of dollars and health risks from injections of steroids, narcotics, decompression, traction, chiropractic, and even physical therapy.  Watch and try these two techniques at home.

Rocking gives an oscillating stretch,  controlling the intensity experienced.  Perform these techniques for just a few minutes, or up to twenty minutes, as often as you need relief.

If you need help understanding these techniques, call Paul O’Brian, PT, CSCS, at Accelerate Physical Therapy, PC in Arvada, Colorado. Our office number is (303) 421-2210.

Take Charge of Your Recovery!

As Physical Therapists, we believe that your recovery depends on your involvement in a home program we set up with you. With many conditions and injuries, if you follow your home program as instructed and increase your self treatment, the frequency of physical therapy visits tends to be reduced.

Remember, physical therapy is a process. Seven days a week, you will need to exercise and treat yourself outside of this clinic to relieve the pain and stiffness commonly associated with injuries. We will follow your case until you are well or able to manage without us.

We will provide you with mechanisms and ideas for self treatment. Included among these may be instruction at public fitness centers. We can also help you find the equipment you need for self management and progressive training as Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists.{per - se - ver - ance} Seeing the finish line and having the strength to reach it. It's what we do.