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The Degenerative Effects of Inactivity

  • Cardiovascular changes including elevated heart rate, decreased cardiac output, orthostatic and autonomic dysfunction, venous stasis and thrombosis.
  • Respiratory changes include reduced lung capacity.
  • Musculoskeletal problems of reduced strength, endurance, lactose tolerance, risks of contractures and heterotrophic ossification of individuals with CNS or spinal damage.
  • Metabolic risks including negative nitrogen or calcium imbalances, carbohydrate intolerance and insulin resistance.
  • Urinary stasis, incontinence and stones.
  • Gastrointestinal effects include decreased appetite, reduced peristalsis/constipation, malnutrition and hypoprteinemia.
  • Integument systems risks of pressure ulcers (hygiene, shear, edema, reduced capillary flow to the compressed area).
  • Nervous system changes such as sensory deprivation, anxiety and depression.