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About Paul O'Brian

CEO, Paul O’Brian founded Accelerate Physical Therapy , P.C. in 1989 in Arvada. Specializing in orthopedic and neurological rehabilitation over a 40-year-career, Paul is experienced in shoulder, knee, spine, foot/ankle, elbow, wrist and hand rehabilitation, quadriplegia, hemiplegia, multiple sclerosis, weakness and balance issues, and geriatric conditions, arthritis, functional decline, postural and pain problems, sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents, and workers’ compensation injuries. Paul O'Brian has been a youth sports coach for 25 years (swimming and diving, soccer, football and rugby). Paul has served on the Board of Directors for multiple Colorado non-profit Colorado corporations, including Colorado Physical Therapy Network (20 years), Rugby Colorado (5 years) and Tigers Rugby Football Club (20 years).

May We Help You?

Welcome to Accelerate Physical Therapy, P.C.! Call (303) 421-2210 with any questions. Find us in the Friendly Square Shopping Center, 11651 West 64th Avenue Unit A-5, Arvada, CO 8004. Our staff is pleased to offer personable Physical Therapy services. We pledge to increase your strength and functional mobility, reduce your pain, and help you learn to manage your… Read More »

The Benefits of Therapeutic Exercise

Increases size and strength in musculotendinous tissue and tensile strengthImproves coordination and timing of muscular groupsReduces atrophyImproves reaction, recruitment and enduranceImprove cardiovascular fitnessReduces edemaImproves connective tissue strength and integrityPromotes circulation to enhance soft tissue healing/metabolismIncreases bone densityIncreases endurance, reduces fatigueImprove range of motion of the spine and extremitiesImproves postural balanceImproves joint function

Accelerate Physical Therapy, PC

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Anti Inflammatory Blending

In a large (72+ oz) blender:1 Cup (handful) of Kale1 Cup (handful) of Spinach1 Cup (handful) of Celery1 Cup (handful) of Blueberries, Peaches, Cherries, Strawberries, Banana, Apple or ANY tasty fruit of your choice.1 (large) Pear.1/2 to a whole Cucumber2 Carrots.3 ounces of Bragg’s Unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar.32 oz of water/or ice.1 teaspoon of Ground… Read More »

The Elegance and Complexity of Our Shoulder

By: Barbara Fahmy, MS OTR MPA ClearLight Writing and Editing Services, LLC Human shoulders are an intricately designed combination of muscles, ligaments, bones and joints. We often take them for granted as they allow us to do amazing things such as pitch a fastball, lift our children up high, fix the overhead fan, and saw… Read More »

Shoulder Impingement Exercise Videos

Shoulder Impingement is mechanical compression, which can cause wear of the rotator cuff tendons. The rotator cuff is comprised of four muscles connecting the shoulder blade to the upper part of the shoulder joint.  These maintain the ball (humeral head) within the socket (glenoid) during shoulder elevation. Normally, the ball glides under the acromion (outer… Read More »

Home Treatment for Bulging Discs

Accelerate Physical Therapy in Arvada, Colorado teaches you to relieve back and radiating leg pain. These exercises provide decompression of the lumbar spine, and are a great treatment for bulging discs. Here are two great ways to relieve pain for which many face expensive medical treatments.  Save thousands of dollars and health risks from injections… Read More »

Knee Exercise Videos – Early in Your Recovery

Knee pain can be a resolved with exercise.  Learn to command important patella stabilizing muscles.  Begin with the technique demonstrated on the following video links .   These simple exercises performed daily offer you more than you might think.     When you can tolerate pressure through the patellar tendon, move on to this exercise in order… Read More »

Plantar Fascia Pain Relief

Does your heel hurt so much that the pain interferes with your daily activities? This debilitating heel pain might occur due to inflammation of the flexible band of tissue located under the foot’s sole called plantar fasciitis – a condition characterized by pain, stiffness, or burning sensation at the bottom of your foot. This tissue… Read More »