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Knee Exercise Videos – Early in Your Recovery

Knee pain can be a resolved with exercise.  Learn to command important patella stabilizing muscles.  Begin with the technique demonstrated on the following video links .   These simple exercises performed daily offer you more than you might think.     When you can tolerate pressure through the patellar tendon, move on to this exercise in order… Read More »

Take Charge of Your Recovery!

As Physical Therapists, we believe that your recovery depends on your involvement in a home program we set up with you. With many conditions and injuries, if you follow your home program as instructed and increase your self treatment, the frequency of physical therapy visits tends to be reduced. Remember, physical therapy is a process.… Read More »

Flip Flops Kill You

Flip Flops cause: Flat feet or falling arches (pes planus) Foot pronation Ankle eversion Elevated Q angles at the knee (valgus) Uneven hips (pelvic obliquity) Lumbar scoliosis. Ask us about how to resolve these issues.  Try this page for your independent consideration: Infographic by Jan Diehm for The Huffington Post. Click on the picture or… Read More »

Youth in Sports

The participation of children in organized athletic activities raises many concerns in parents’ mind: At what age is my child ready to participate in organized athletics? What is the risk of significant injury? What sports carry the highest likelihood of injury? Are there specific injuries related to specific sports? In 2001, American Orthopaedic Society for Sports… Read More »

Exercise is a Cure!

Exercise is prescribed to assist healing from surgeries, injuries and chronic pain. At every stage, exercise activities aid in your recovery. Here are some exercise benefits: · Improve strength and restore range of motion. · Stimulate soft tissue healing. · Reduce inflammatory conditions. · Improve body awareness. · Reduce pain in joints because muscle balance improves the ability… Read More »

Keep It Simple

In her blog post,  “10 Simple Things You Can Do Today That Will Make You Happier, Backed By Science”, Belle Beth Cooper describes how simple things (backed by science) can make all the difference in your personal happiness, well-being, and goes a long way to your overall recovery.     For more info, see the… Read More »

How are those New Year’s resolutions going?

As many of us have begun our resolutions to exercise, negative thinking creeps into our thoughts. How am I going to squeeze anything else into my already packed schedule? I’m too tired to exercise.  It’s boring. Sound familiar? For me this is where the power of positive thinking comes in. The benefits of exercise are… Read More »