What Is A Stress Fracture?

Each day, the body makes new bone to replace the bone that is broken down by the stress of everyday living. Usually, this process is balanced, with the body replacing the equal amount of bone lost. However, this balance may become upset. The body, due to several factors, may not produce sufficient bone. As a… Read More »

Paul O’Brian named Rugby Colorado Coach of the Year

Accelerate Physical Therapy, P.C. founder, Paul O’Brian, was named the High School Division I Coach of the Year by Rugby Colorado (formerly Colorado Youth Rugby) for the 2011 season. This is the second time Paul was presented this honor in 8 years of coaching high school boys from as many as 8 of the high… Read More »

Accelerate PT sponsors State HS Final Four Rugby Team

Tigers Rugby Football Club topped the Aurora Saracens in a hell of a fight to advance to the Rugby Colorado State Semifinal round, played April 30th at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park. On May 7th, the Tigers will face the #1 rated Denver East Angels in the Rugby Colorado State Semifinal match. Regardless of the outcome… Read More »

What is Physical Therapy … really?

All of the following describe generally accepted, well established and widely used physical therapy modalities and procedures provided at Accelerate Physical Therapy. These procedures are used as primary or adjunctive techniques in soft tissue treatment for the progressive development of strength, mobility and to improve functional outcomes. Physical Therapy Procedures The level of complexity can… Read More »

Ball Stretching for Back and Radiating Leg Pain

Click on the links and watch the  exercise videos, which provides the same decompressive effects provided by expensive mechanical traction devices in physical therapy, and recently, chiropractic’ offices.  Position yourself on a ball that is appropriate for your body type and size.  Stretch over the top of the ball far enough to feel your lumbar spine… Read More »

Where can you find warm water exercise?

The benefits of warm water therapy include increased joint and muscle flexibility, increased muscle strength, relaxation, increased balance and coordination, increased endurance and increased circulation. Individuals of all ages and activity levels have reported excellent results while taking an active role in their recovery. We have successfully treated high school, college, and weekend athletes, workers’… Read More »