Exercise Videos

Thanks to our intern, the one and only Jimmy DeAndrea (of the University of Wyoming and Arvada West HS) for modeling these exercise.   Please call Paul O’Brian or Ross Hutchinson if you have questions about these activities.

Our Favorite Knee Stuff:

Prone Knee Extension

Straight Leg Raises

Prone Knee Extension with Hip Extension

Standing Knee Extension

Bungee Cord Walking Exercise

Bungee Cord Walking Sideways

For Those Whose Back or Leg Hurts:

Ball Stretching

Ball Stretching – Rocking Technique


Bridging with Ball Squeezes

For Shoulder Pain Sufferers:

Rotator Cuff Toning – Shoulder Extension with External Rotation

Rotator Cuff Toning – Horizontal Abduction

Rotator Cuff Toning – Standing External Rotation