Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! This year I am thankful for the new friendships I’ve made, and the new opportunities I’ve had, and most of all I’m thankful that my knee healed up quick and I was able to go fishing a couple more times before winter set in!  J.E.


Thanks to Ross and everyone at Accelerate P.T.!  Your individual and caring attention made the difference in my recovery!!  Best wishes and thank you!
Paul, Anne and Diane,
Your thoughtful and caring help has meant so much to me.  Just wanted to say a big “Thank you” for all you have done for me with my leg and back.
I am very  happy to let the world know about my experience with Accelerate Physical Therapy. I had a severe motorcycle accident in 2002 and I needed to start physical therapy, This was a very scary thought for me, as I never had any experience at all like this. I was recovering from a Left shoulder replacement, and met my new friends, with Ross Hutchinson as my PT and the staff at Accelerate, the following years of my life changed dramatically. Ross worked endlessly,with me never losing his patience, always being the professional, caring PT that he is. The one on one therapy that I received can not be put into words, when you are scared, nervous, about what is going to happen next.  Ross always explained and took the time with you .This is not seen too often today, many businesses do not take the time with their patients as you will see with Accelerate.
I had to come back to Accelerate numerous times over the years 2002-2006 because of numerous surgeries on my Left shoulder, and there is only one physical therapist, that I will come to.  I am an RN of 35 years working with numerous Ortho patients, hearing about their experiences and I”ll always tell them if they are willing to drive the distance, as I now live in Dillon, Co, I know a great physical therapy group – Accelerate.
This journey started more than a year ago with a painful back problem.  I couldn’t—
Stand up straight; Turn over in bed (I had to stand up and turn); Get in my car without falling in backwards and lifting my leg in with my hand; Bend over to tie my shoes; Walk for a long period of time; or
Play golf.
After a lot of hard work under the direction and teaching of Ross, I can do all of the above. I have learned so much about what I can do and the few things I shouldn’t do.  I am glad I was already involved with Accelerate when I injured my knee & shoulder. I can and will tolerate my knee and my shoulder is almost 100%.
Ann & Diane, you both made every visit pleasant and it was fun visiting with you. You were very helpful scheduling me at my convenience.
Ross, you have given me my quality of life back and I find my energy is finally returning. You are wonderful. I actually look forward to continuing my exercises for the rest of my life because I realize the benefit of
them. I cannot thank each of you enough. I hope you know how grateful I am.
Ross & the gang,
Just wanted to thank you for all that you did.  Ben is doing much better than we expected.  Can’t thank you enough for the great end result.  
Thanks so much,
I wanted to thank all of you for helping me in my recuperation and helping me get my knee back to “normal”.
You made the process a lot more tolerable with your kindness and patience. You are all very thoughtful and I would recommend Accelerate to anyone.